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  • Vamsi Krishna

    June 24, 2021 at 12:14 AM

    Sports has a huge market all over the world, Everybody likes it yes, either by play or watching and for some people, it is a passion. Hosting games helps locals to earn money by tourism. In my opinion hosting games is economically good for any country.

    Firstly, Hosting international games is bolstering the economy and international image of the country. It is not an easy thing to organize such an event, entails a lot of planning and preparation for that a well-knowledgeable committee should be there. Promoting an event is another challenge, the advertising event and inviting most of the countries a catalyst is needed. so the people who are coming for participating from different countries need proper facilities that include food, accommodation, and stadiums to practices. Mostly international events are planned before 4 or 5 years, and sometimes they build a new stadium for the event, it requires a lot of money so that in poor countries the people demur at the idea of hosting. Yes, it’s true, such countries can’t accommodate many people with their limited facilities, even some players are not interested in participating in the events.

    For some countries it is like a festival such event, like football, most of the counties play football and views are from all over the world. through the international games, the countries increase their international tourism and it helps to local to earn some money. These events are fugacious, due to this economy of tourism is that much. Another way of getting money is by media rights, it plays a lot of crucial role. The viewers are from all over the world so that the media is helping to stream live to the people.

    Yes, Organising international events improve the economy of the countries. Some games are establishing healthy connections between two countries, for example, Cricket, so many people from other countries love India because of Cricket.

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