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  • Arjun

    June 24, 2021 at 7:27 PM

    Both the generations have their own experiences of living a life. Nowadays, many people believe that young generation suffers the more than the older ones. This essay will discuss further why teenager life has been more stressful than a previous generation on the basis of past and current situations.

    Firstly, teenagers are more aware about their surroundings due to advance technologies which was minimal in previous times. They follow the current trends through films and media in which they see latest apparels and cars while growing up. Also, they get familiar through latest gadgets like Mobile phones and computers which makes their desires to acquire them gradually. And, in order to buy those items, they feel more pressurised. However, such stresses were not there in previous generation due to lack of technology.

    Infact, these type of pressures start building up in schools itself. The teenagers try to study and compete with each other to get higher marks so that they can take an admission in top ranking universities so that they can placed into great companies like Google, Microsoft, etc to make their desires come true. During whole process, they have to suffer a lot of strain from their parents, through extra hours of studies and examinations which somehow have a negative impact on their brains.

    However, it is not right to say that older generation people didn’t experience stress in their lives. In earlier times, people used to work harder as they required to put their extra physical and mental effort to achieve their goals. This is because, there were less facilities, tools and machines weren’t upgraded time to time which caused anxiety building up in their minds. For instance, labours working in fields and factories.

    To recapitulate, I agree that today’s generation face stress levels at many stages of life in terms of academic and professional but in my view these stresses are not greater than those who experienced in earlier generations.

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