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  • Shyam

    June 25, 2021 at 9:35 PM

    Sports have been best source of entertainment for the people all over the world. All countries want to organize international events like Commonwealth games, Olympics, the world cup of football, cricket or other sports as well. These occasions can assist to boost economy, culture understanding and religion of hosting country in a tiny period. In this essay I will explain both parts with meaningful instances.

    Firstly, when a country host such sporting events, it always stimulate economic growth and tourism of that nation as it attracts crowds from other countries. When such events occur the world media also gathered on a platform, which also helpful to promote gesture of organizing country. That hosting nation is also funded by world bank to improve infrastructure. For example – Many years back Commonwealth games were held by India. We gave a strong message to world that we were also capable for successful managing such events. During the Commonwealth games in Delhi, game village layout was designed and developed with the support of top-notch designer, now with proper fair, economic management they are using domestic players.

    Secondly, the hosting nation has the opportunity to showcase their culture and tradition to impress the foreign nations and this will attract even more tourists in future. Like – Indian Premier League is best example, many foreign players are participating in cricket games. They are learning more about our tradition, culture and festivals. Recent tweets and messages by them on Diwali on social sites are amazing example of understanding and appreciation.

    In summarize, it is acceptable to welcome such event for country growth and reputation on world level. But few people thinks in-spite of hosting global games, government should focus on developing infrastructure for people, educate them because in these events media presents destructive image of that country, which itself is huge loss for developing countries.

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