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  • Ayesha

    June 26, 2021 at 4:52 PM

    Sports Events held on Global level are a fantastic chance for the sponsoring countries, to flaunt their ways of hospitality and the potential to host such a big event whereas a numerous people reckon that these events are just some irrational means of spending on extravaganza. This essay will try to explain both point to a reasonable extent.

    To begin with, in order to unite people and countries sports has always been a medium. Though it teaches brotherhood, it also inculcates competitiveness at the same time. Being it the biggest source of entertainment, countries find a great opportunity to invest for showcasing their capability and qualities in hosting events like Commonwealth Games, Olympics, The world Cup etc. For example, Since the era even before cinema, Scotland used to host competitive games, where many teams from neighbouring countries used to participate.

    Now, if international sports event needs to be organized, a great amount of capital needs to be invested for infrastructure, accomodating teams, managing spectators and the manpower to accomplish all these tasks. The time after this event is over, the purpose of the infrastructure, the employees comes to a hault, now is when the country needs strategies to not let these be neglected rather be utilised for more profit. As long as all this investment is paid off, organizing such a colossal event sounds rational. It also helps promote tourism in the country which again is beneficial for recuperating besides the sponsorships.

    In conclusion, if economically managed, global sports events would benefit the host country in so many ways that we can’t anticipate and if not It could lead to frenzy if all this investment goes in vain.

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