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  • Arjun

    June 29, 2021 at 7:29 PM

    Education plays a vital role in human development. Few people believe that infants should get education at the age of four whereas others think that it is not worth until they get seven or eight years old. I will be discussing both the view points in upcoming paragraphs and express my thoughts on this.

    To begin with, children should start studying at the age of four to get an exposure of new developments. At the stage of four, their mind will be like an engine of a brand new car which needs to adapt changes or get polished based on how a driver will drive a car. Likewise, children will get a chance to explore nature, friends, teachers, technology etc. Although that would so early in their age, still they can start their journey by going into a play school and start learning. By doing this at early age, their mind will get adapt to new things quickly and easily as brain of a young child will work faster as compare seven years old kid. Teachers can make kids familiar with subjects like Mathematics, English and science. Not only teachers will participate in this process, but parents will also help their children by nurturing them at home. For instance, a recent survey done by University of London declared that children who started their formal education at four have outperformed well in their teenage.

    While other people think that it is not an appropriate age for children to get surrounded with studies and give them such burden. Also, they should be spending more time with their parents rather than in school. However, they fail to recognise the fact that this does not always benefit for their overall development. This is because, some parents do not have that skills or capabilities to educate their children for the future, for which school is the best platform to get into and impart knowledge and socially interact with other kids as well.

    To conclude, early years of education will be beneficial for children will help them to grow mentally which automatically boost their performance till the time they get seven or eight years old.

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