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  • Rashmi

    June 29, 2021 at 8:42 PM

    Now a days education is one of the essential part in all aspects of personal development. By seeing a broad spectrum each country has their own style , few believe education should be more practical oriented however others have different views. In global perspective, education prepares your foundation, if it starts early .

    But in my opinion, somehow I disagree for child early start formal education at 4 . I strongly believe in this age, they are adopting the world. Their curiosity is on peak, having different views and it should be handled very carefully instead of pushing them in formal education first they deserve to experience their own environment , day to day life and all emotions, apart from that they must have developed basic awareness in terms of their body and health. So they should be able to share or convey exact problem.

    I would like to conclude here that basic readiness is really required, if we will not nourish their innocence and curiosity, it will suppress over the time and we will be in some mechanical world everything would be instruction based .

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