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  • Rekha

    June 29, 2021 at 8:45 PM

    Education plays vital role in everybody’s life whether young ones or grown ups. When the things are done at appropriate time it gives the best results . So it is very important that proper age for joining school or any education institution should be pre decided .

    At the age of four to five years,kids are to tender to do any activities, so it best to develop their fine motor skills before they actually start learning any subjects. Walking in proper line,climbing up and down the stairs, holding a crayon is few tasks that can be thought in the school. Healthy habits are something that is going to stay with them throughout their life,so even this can be included. Giving respect to elders and taking care of their younger siblings can also that be included.

    So ,according to me best age for joining school should be four years where kids are not doing any specific subjects but developing their skills. Teaching them subjects and expecting to score marks will be too harsh on their minds.

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