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  • shubham

    June 29, 2021 at 8:48 PM

    Education plays a vital role in fundamental growth and development of students. Some countries think that school should be started at age four, however others think that seven or eight age is right. Though there are arguments, I radically agree that four years age is perfect for children to start education. This essay will discuss the arguments.

    To begin with, pursuing education at an early age(below five years) has its own gains. It helps in the overall growth and learning of students. For instance, children learns to interact with other students and can explore all the possible options like swimming, dancing, public speaking, sports activities at an early age. Another point to consider is that, parents can’t always answer all the questions of children, folks are often curious at this age and their queries can be better answered by the teachers at school. Furthermore, children starting schooling at an early age gets a head start in their life as compared to those students starting late.

    On the contrary, delaying adolescents starting point at school could have a huge impact on their future. Staying at home till this old age could impede them than others, as they do not get to know the outside world and its culture at a very early time. For instance, a survey report by John Hopkins(Psychologist) revealed that, children starting their education late often face difficulties in public speaking and it impedes their overall growth in life. Moreover, it really affects their thinking ability and they often find it difficult to cope up with this competitive world.

    In conclusion, this essay has discussed both views. Although both views have merits and demerits, I reckon, beginning school at age four or five is the most perfect time for children’s formal education.

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