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  • Gnanaprakash

    June 29, 2021 at 8:56 PM

    Education is important for kids to build and train their cognitive skills to make them face the real world. Now, A lot of countries have different opinions about what could be the right age for their kids to start schooling. Some argue it is better to send them as early as four years old and some on contrary decide to hold them until they reach seven or eight years of age. This essay will discuss about these two topics and highlights why the former opinion is a better pick.

    In my perception when parents plan to send their kids a little late along their age, their motive here could be any of the two reasons.
    1)They want to restrict them at home with private tutors or
    2)Their kids are not yet simply ready for the School.
    The former could be because they are not satisfied with the current education system and want to tailor their children’s education according to their conduct. The latter simply being the blind love for one’s children, worried about the heavy burden schools put up on students these days.

    I strongly suggest kids are to be sent to school at the right age which could be around three to four years of age. While the points discussed in the above paragraph is not completely wrong it does have a few drawbacks. For instance, I started my formal education at an early age where I got to learn a lot of things like conversing with strangers, table manners, making friends and a lot of predominant things which cannot be taught at private tuition and holding up the kids education for very long time is a foolish choice.

    In Conclusion, Parents love for their children should not cloud their judgement, There’s a time for everything and not keeping up with the norms might put their kid’s future at risk.

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