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  • Aman

    June 29, 2021 at 9:17 PM

    An investment in education pays the best interest .It is commonly argued by some people that parents usually encourage their children to commence their formal learning from infanthood itself .However, other believes the children should not be sent to educational institutions till the time they reaches seven or above seven of their age. As per my opinion, initial education will boost up the overall development of the children.

    To some extent the question depend on how quickly and effectively the child understands when at their domestic places irrespective of considering the suitable age to gain access to the education from schools. Parents should keep a sharp eye on their toddler emotional aspects right from their childhood such as thinking and understanding capacity ,ability to react and respond so that children should not deprive these necessary skills by the time they enter the school. So, early schooling will not only help to generate the above aforementioned traits in the children but also to transform their minds as beginning years are considered best for shaping up ones brain.For instance,if parents can teach the basics of education subject before joining the schools than automatically their offspring will find it easier once same concept is being taught in institutions thereby,child will go ahead of their peers belonging to same age group.

    Unfortunately, some parents take education as a lighter option as they believe the children must spend quality time with them until they are around seven years old.They donot want to put unnecessary burden on their wards and they feel play and other homely activities like drawing and so on will help children to develop cognitive skills rather than sending them to the academy to acquire knowledge.

    To summarize, age should not be considered as attribute to decide upon to inculcate academic skills .Parents nurturing and encouragement will definitely be reflected up in the child’s overall performance .

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