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  • Dhaval

    June 29, 2021 at 9:20 PM

    Education plays a very important role in the development of human. While many of the parents push their children to start education at early age, some believe that it should be at a later age. I am a strong advocate to go for such education at a later age. In this essay firstly, we will disc about the demerit of early age education & secondly we will discuss about the merits of later age education.

    The children who start their formal education at a tender age, need to devote more time for studies at the cost of their family time. But for our infants, playing with toys and outdoor games are very much important for their physical & mental growth. Spending time with their parents will develop emotional qualities like love & care with them which help them to become a better human beings. Further forcing them to study at this age will impart a natural resistance towards the education system. For example, in the recent News article shows statistics that the children who start early education generally shows below average academic progress over others.

    Whereas at the older age say seven or eight, the toddlers get little matured to understand the basic concepts of study. Further before starting their formal education they get a chance to spend few years with the play school & nursery where they learn basic knowledge through singing, painting, dancing & other group activities. This kind of education also helps them to develop a natural interest towards study. For example Netherland is of the country where student shows height interest in reading books though they don’t encourage them to start reading before the age of seven.

    In conclusion, parents should not make any hurry to start the education at an early age. This will npt only help them to grow an a good human beings but also helps them to perform better on the longer run.

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