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  • yuvarani

    June 30, 2021 at 7:23 PM

    Outdoor game is having more advantage to compare with computer games. So I completely agree with this point.

    Computer games have some advantages as well as more disadvantages. Somehow I disagree with this point.

    First, Outdoor games make physical strength. Children go out and play with their friends, they may use some additional equipment’s like cycle, cricket bat and ball, skipping, tennis bat and ball etc.,

    If you listen their playing first we can understand it is team work. So in the starting age itself they can learn team work. Then they are using voice like calling their friend name, giving instruction, chat with team and get new solution. It makes kids brain sharpens. They can learn condone habit. Without physical activity there is nothing in outdoor even if they walk or run they are using their legs and make strengthen their muscles. So physically they complacent.

    In outdoor games creates helping tendency to each other they are not like ferocity.

    Outdoor games are one on one or group activities. So they can learn win and loose situation from this. Obviously their mind get strong to accept any position they won’t susceptible just like that.

    In outdoor they are smelling fresh air, seeing blue sky, green trees, domestic animals like cow, dog, hen and listening their sounds. It makes them feel fresh and boost up their energy.

    In between the vehicles like bike, car are crossing so they can understand how to cross the road.

    Out door game is like practical and real. They can learn practically with all live examples. Computer game is like theoretical and intangible. They can learn from computer games too but if they implement in practical life sometimes it gets failure.

    There are some dangerous disadvantages also there in Outdoor activities like kids kidnapping, harassment. Parents should give attention when kids are in outdoor.

    In conclusion, outdoor gives lots of benefits like physical fit, creative thinking and learning good habits.

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