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  • rahul

    June 30, 2021 at 7:33 PM

    In this era of the digital world it is often argued that doing physical and outdoor activities are more impactful rather than being in front of monitor even if kids find it less attractive . I strongly agree with the thought that the lesser time a kid utilizes on screen the more they can be active and lesser susceptible to illness.

    Outdoor activities will always take precedence to the computer games when it to comes to the amount of physical and mental effort required and as we know the brain malleability is maximum as a kid hence spending more time on computer games affects the kid’s interaction with real world which in turn reflects in his social skills . For example ,most of the people who excelled in their field today had a very open childhood which encompasses lot of adventures such as school picnic/cricket matches / other sports activities.

    It has Been seen that playing excessive video games not just affects the eyesight but it also gives rise to an obsessive behavior to finish those games resulting in a more introverted and complacent childhood and with time it results in abysmal performance in school causing bad grades. for instance, steve job the inventor of the computer himself has kept their children away from any digital entertainment as he understands having outdoor activities gives us more challenges and develops the brain to deal with them

    In conclusion, outdoor activities during childhood create a base for a healthy as well as a well-devolved brain meanwhile it is also equally important for a parent to keep track of his kid that they don’t get too attached to video games since later once it becomes a behavior it is laborious to come out of that zone.

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