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  • Ayesha

    June 30, 2021 at 7:40 PM

    For the Overall growth of teenagers, playing outside is more conducive as compared with playing computer games. I completely agree to this statement. This essay will explain that outdoor activities are more beneficial than computer games for children’s growth and development.

    It’s evident that due to the advent of computers and conveniently accessible internet children are getting more and more compulsive. Some adults believe that playing games on computers deteriorates children’s growth in many aspects like health, psychology, behavioural etc. despite the fact that playing such games increases motor skills like hand and mind coordination though there re better substitutions. For example, they stay inside, sticking to one place in front of the computer for hours, oblivion to what is going on outside, what time it is, even what’s happening around, furthermore it affects the eyesight, the body cycle, brings stress, damages the body and so many adverse effects. So playing computer games is harmful.

    On the contrary, playing outside has more benefits. Children are able to learn, on their own level, by interacting with each other. If they are on the playground it increases their immunity in addition to making then physically fit. It beings them closer to nature.

    So to summarize, rather than sitting inside and playing computer games children should be motivated to play outside which will eventually be beneficial for long term.

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