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  • priya

    July 1, 2021 at 8:36 AM

    Global sports events like Olympics, World Cup, commonwealth Games or Asian Games are phenomenal and becoming very popular all over the world. Hosting such events is a pride moment for hosting country to display their ability and power to the World. But few argue that such game events are causing unnecessary monetary expenses. In this essay, we will see how organizing global events is a boon to any nation and not the other way round.

    The immense popularity of such international programs attracts the world’s attention including a wide spread diverse crowd to the hosting country. Any nation in that position would want to grab the opportunity to show case their capability by organizing events in a grand manner including bringing attention to their Culture, Heritage and talents. Such limelight will fetch more recognition to their tourism and development in other business sectors. During such events the hosting nation can bond with the other world powerful nations thereby improving their diplomatic and soft powers.

    Of course, in order to make these sports events a grand success, a huge investment by hosting nation is mandatory. Some may argue that such funds can be allocated to useful and needy sectors like health and education system. But conducting universal events will increase many business opportunities in the field of transport, stay, tourism, food and infrastructure segment with a huge money inflow, which will boost the economy of the nation, thereby contributing indirectly to the other deprived sectors.

    To conclude, I agree completely that organizing international athletic events are great opportunity to show the superiority of any conducting country as such events are helping to their economic growth and friendship with developed states in the long run.

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