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  • Dhaval

    July 1, 2021 at 8:05 PM

    The Line chart shows the spending tread on fuel charges amongst various income class people in two countries The United States & United Kingdom.

    Overall, the percentage of spending in the United States experienced a downward trend, while it showed an increasing trend in the United Kingdom. Both the countries showed fluctuation. Although the United Kingdom initially had a lower rate, it outraced the United States at the end of the period.

    United State’s Fule spending rate was at around 4%, which rose to around 5.5% with the increase of their income. Then, the percentage showed a gradual decrement from around 5% to 4% for middle class people. The trend declined steadily for the rich people, reaching around 2.5% by the end of the period.

    The percentage of spend in United Kingdom was at around 0.5% in poorest people which was the lowest. Then it increased sharply to around 3.5% for the middle income people. After it continued to increase gradually to rose to around 4%. Then it declined dramatically & reduced to around 3% for the richest people.

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