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  • Eman

    July 5, 2021 at 6:43 PM

    Advertising can drive people to purchase unnecessary items, however, it may introduce new products that can enhance our lifestyle! In my opinion, I believe that advertisements can improve our lives by presenting more options to us.

    To begin with, nowadays, lots of cutting-edge technologies are promoted in the industrial market for consumers. For example, the electrical cars marketing introduced the new era of waste-free transportation and gave us the chance to reduce air pollution. Moreover, advertising expands our list of options for some items and give us the freedom to pick the ones that suits our requirements and budgets. To elaborate, smart watches are now available in with multiple options that serves different purposes depending on our needs. While some smart watches are advertised to by better for fitness use, others are promoted to be user friendly for daily use.

    On the contrary, advertisements can persuade consumers to buy things that they actually don’t need. For instance, TV ads on new home appliances with huge discounts may encourage people to get them without considering the usefulness of these appliances. Another point, seasonal sales promotions in big stores drive their customers to buy more unnecessary items in bulk. For example, ads on clothes stores sales drive shoppers to buy lots of clothes that they may not like or use later just because their price dropped more than the original.

    In conclusion, there are lots of advantages for advertising if people used it wisely, however, sometimes it can drive people to spend more money to get things that they don’t need if they were not aware about their actual needs.

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