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  • Naheda

    July 5, 2021 at 8:12 PM

    In today’s modern world computer has become the integral part of our lives. Most people argue that children should play outdoor games rather than spending most of their time on computer games. I agree that outdoor activities have more positive effects on child’s health both physically and mentally.

    With the advent of digital technology, humans has become mostly dependent on computers for their day to day activities and children too are not an exception. Working parents often condone their young ones addiction towards computer games as they are too busy to take care of them round the clock. Moreover, children brain is vulnerable therefore it easily attracts ferocity of the modern games. For example, a recent survey had shown that many youngsters attempted to suicide after playing Blue Whale game.

    Furthermore, there are numerous advantages of playing games outdoor. To count few, first it enhance the physical strength and endurance of the growing kids.Firstly, kids feels energetic and enthusiastic when playing in a team with real friends and robots. Secondly, outdoor activities makes them discipline, social and inculcates habits such as sharing and team spirit in them , which are most essential for their growth and development. For instance, M.S.Dhoni was an average player but his evident interpersonal skills and bold communication skills made him the captain of Indian cricket team.

    In conclusion, I would like to say although electronic games has made the made life of working parents easy to some extent by making their kids busy, but it has multidimensional side effects which couldn’t be ignore. Thus, as a parent it is our primary responsibility to take care of child physical and mental health, and encourages them to play outdoor games rather than idealizing in one chair for hours.

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