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  • saikeerthi

    July 5, 2021 at 8:29 PM

    In Today’s World, as the Technology is rising day-by-day there is a decrease in children activities as a result they are getting more attached to the electronic gadgets. Few people accept that outdoor activities play a major impact on kids when compared to playing computer games. In my opinion, I totally agree that Outdoor activities are more suitable for a child’s development in all ways.

    Firstly, outdoor activities offers a plethora of advantages for a child to adhere from one’s childhood like being active, fitness, and social awareness, etc. If a child has a habit of playing cricket this will give more fitness. For instance, according to the survey by child organization they have concluded that being more athletic eventually have good health and fitness moreover this not only bring health benefits but also gives confidence for a child growth in future.

    Secondly, more than the education schools should include outdoor activities for the children in their curriculum but due to the pandemic, it’s not possible for the schools therefore parents should take care their children in order not to get attached to the computer games all over the day instead they can take their children in the nearby parks following all the safety measures. For example, I have seen many parents that they are taking up their children to the nearby parks and I have observed that the children are more active when exposed to outdoor activities where they can play many games with their fellow children as a result this will help the kids to enhance their social skills.

    To conclude, I admit that outdoor activities are more beneficial for the children as a result of increasing the fitness, developing social skills rather than attaching to computer games.

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