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  • Abhishek

    July 5, 2021 at 8:50 PM

    According to the spiritual science women are considered as the direct part and parcel of the lord. The most important thing which substantiate this fact is the capability of women to give birth to a child – a life. This is something next to the lord. They are the special manifestation of the nature who have special characteristics to raise the child unlike men. But, that does not justify the fact that women should keep themselves bereft of work life to raise the child. I strongly disagree with this statement. In my perception, raising children and taking care of them is the responsibility which should be equally taken care by both the parents.

    It is often said that she should not focus on work to raise the child. Does that overlook the the contribution of Home-Maker ladies? Anyway, if women will always be working by office or by home (Home-Maker). So, in my opinion, I barely see any sense that women should not focus on work for child care.

    There are many single mothers who are not left with the choice to stop working just for childcare. They are well capable of handling both the responsibility. The single mothers are the best example of it. Although, this is not at all a easy thing to do. It is indeed a daunting and challenging phase of women’s life.

    In the past few years we are seeing the rapid amendments in the labor laws to support the working mothers. This amendments are to make their life better and also facilitate them with support in the early motherhood days specifically till the time a child matures. So, the laws also framed to encourage them to work. It nowhere means they should stop focusing on their work-life.

    To conclude, I strongly believe that women should not forced to stop focusing on their work life rather they should be supported by their life partners, family members & government regulatory bodies so that they can enjoy the motherhood in the balanced way.

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