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  • Dhaval

    July 5, 2021 at 8:57 PM

    Children across the world are emotionally more attached to its mother. Hence it has been commonly argued that a woman should devote more time for the upbringing of her kids rather then her professional life. However, I strongly disagree with this argument. This essay will discuss my view on the same.

    In the ancient days the women’s literacy rates were quite low because society were strongly against allowing them to work outside. They were always been considered as a homemaker & taking care of their kids. Whereas in the 20th century, the literacy rate of women have now surpassed the number of men. Not only on the Education front, they are also giving a tough competition to men on every professional front. For example in the recent survey of Economic Times, the strength of female Pilots across the world has increased by 10 times in the last decade. Not allowing them to focus on their professional carrier is not only an example of Gender inequality but also unethical.

    Furthermore, the upbringing of a Kid is a mutual responsibility of both parents. While the Kids learn an emotional quality like Love, compassion & care from his mother, he learns the tougher life lesson from his father. The father plays a vital role in developing a kid to face the external world, accompany him for outdoor activities & support on the financial front to fulfill its requirements. The importance of father is now well recognised across the world & because of this many of the developing countries are now giving the parental leave of few weeks to them.

    So in conclusion, the raising of children is not
    only a sole responsibility of a woman and at the cost of her professional carrier. The Father &
    mother both should play a mutual role for upbringing of their kids &
    support each other on both Professional & personal front

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