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  • Mayukh

    July 5, 2021 at 9:01 PM

    It is been a hot debate that women are better at childcare than men therefore, they should focus more on raising children and less on their working life. However, I completely disagree with the above statement. Here, in this essay I will be sharing my views regarding the disagreements, with regard to the topic.

    Firstly, both men and women have some specific in-build qualities, the amalgamation of which is very much required for any children’s upbringing and education. For example, women are multi taskers as they are having the quality to run and hold a family by managing different aspects of life, which includes, taking care of the grandparents and in-laws; childcare activities; cooking; marketing; and many more. Whereas, men are responsible to gather the fuel to run the family show by working hard. Thus, children’s gets to learn the qualities and responsibilities from both the parents and it is not restricted to only the Mothers. Moreover, nowadays many men have decided to stay at home to raise children while the woman in the family goes to work.

    Secondly, in past 40 to 50 years there has been a massive paradigm shift for women in the workplace. Now a days many women are often seen holding senior positions in many organizations which includes both private and government bodies. For example, the current Finance Minister of India is Mrs. Nirmala Sitharaman, who is mainly responsible for the fiscal policy of the government of India.

    As, I am blessed to be a proud father of a daughter, in my opinion, women should continue to focus on their careers rather than restricting themselves to only childcare activities and at the same time they should also ensure that their daughters are aware of all the opportunities which are available to them in life.

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