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  • Aman

    July 5, 2021 at 9:11 PM

    Mother and Father plays vital role in upbringing their child, but it is often believed that women usually have a closer sensational relations with their offsprings as she possess an ability of nurturing their child . Some people opines women should spend more time on raising than less time on working life .I agree to a large extent due to some substantial reasons behind this notion.

    To begin with, mothers share better bonding between them and their children as women spend more time with their children than men ,as they are not occupied with job. Mothers nurture their child by imbibing moral values, ethics to them which are the most basic attribute to become good civilized person. To justify with, women takes care of her child from infancy to later age. She is generally more emotionally attached to her children’s concerns like ranging from food to school homework as she is being available all the time for children whenever any sort of help is needed.

    Probing further,women unlike men, in most socities donot take responsibilities of engaging in jobs due to this role of child rearing is a duty of mother.Moreover, children are more comfortable with their mothers while seeking help and guidance because of her soft,kind nature persistent availability.Thereby, mothers are good at parenting than man .Mothers contribute endlessly in child’s cognitive development, providing better quality of education and meals all day.

    To conclude, mothers play more acute role as she inherent a natural quality of caring their child and to be affectionate while teaching them good habits in order to make them disciplined individual.

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