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  • priya

    July 6, 2021 at 8:04 AM

    Children’s health and progress is of prime importance to any parent. Some believe that playing games outside is more helpful to a child’s growth than involving in indoor electronic activities. Though Video games are more attractive, I completely agree that playing games outdoor is healthier and more helpful for children.

    To begin with, playing outdoor with other children, not only help the kids in improving their health and stamina, but it will show a tremendous improvement in their social and behavioural skills. For instance, in this growing modern world, networking and communication skills are valued more than once academic record and I trust outdoor sports is the best way to achieve them. Apart from all the benefits quoted, outdoor group games inculcate team building, focus and problem solving skills at the young age.

    On the other hand, through smart phones and electronic gadgets, video and android games have crawled into our home, even if we chose not to. Now a days, Parents couldn’t control their kid’s playtime in online games, affecting the child’s sleep and health. Few studies have shown that children couldn’t differentiate between the real world and game world due to continuous exposure to more realistic computer games. Apart from this, child obesity is a major concern to many parents including Governments as it is affecting their future generation straight away. Certain schools even made mandatory outdoor activities to control overweight issues in their students.

    While few may still argue that playing video games also develop certain skillsets and children should be given freedom to choose what they want, the lifestyle and skill improvement offer by outdoor games can never be outdone video games. To conclude, considering the future of the next generation, I strongly believe that playing outdoor games should be the first choice to achieve the children’s development.

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