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  • Pochimireddy Yashwanth

    July 6, 2021 at 10:27 AM

    The diagram shows the working procedure of machine which generates electricity with the help of tidal waves and air.

    The machine is build at the bank of the sea wall, as it need tidal waves and air to generate the electricity. The process in A – Diagram shows the tidal waves come into the chamber which makes the air push inside the column which it make and allow the turban rotate in clock wise direction. This rotation of the turbine generates the electricity and this electricity can be use in appliances like electric bulb.

    The similar process in B – Diagram shows the tidal wave moves away from the sea wall which makes the air moves back from the chamber which make rotation of turbine in clock wise direction.

    This continuous process of tidal wave in and out of the chamber make makes the turbine to rotate and the rotation of turbine leads to produce the electricity.

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