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  • Arsh

    July 6, 2021 at 11:19 PM

    Undoubtedly, playing out has more benefits when compared to playing games on computers but some people believe that when a child uses desktops , there ability to think grows immensely. I agree that spending time outside would be helpful for the overall development of a child but there are some advantages associated with spending time on computers that can not be ignored completely that we would discuss in the paragraphs given below.

    To commence with , firstly ,the primary reason why playing out is of great importance is because of its health benefits which includes both mental and physical health. For instance , when a kid is more into games such as basket ball or cricket , various health problems such as obesity or depression can be avoided. Thus it is apparent , a child who is more into sports has an ability to reach the level of fitness and can keep away variety of health issues.

    Asserting further , another vital aspect of outdoor games is that the child can be more socially active. For example , when a kid goes to some playground or park , the chances of making friends are way more than playing inside. Thus , it is clear that spending time out can make a child more friendly.

    However , there are a number of pros of video games and one of them is increased analytical ability or mental ability. While using a system to play video game , a child needs to be aware about every bit and detail , thus enhancing the thinking ability.

    To conclude , in my opinion , both these activities have their own advantages that can not be ignored but playing out has an upper hand. Parents should be vigilant enough to divide time in such a way that a kid devote more time to sports and less yet some time to computer games.

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