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  • Vaibhav

    July 6, 2021 at 11:36 PM

    Some people argue benefits of playing outdoor sport in development of Children outweighs the benefits of playing computer games while others think vice versa. I believe computer games prepare children intellectually in better way for modern times.

    Playing outdoor sports brings inevitable improvements in Children’s health, physically and emotionally. It improves cardiovascular functioning, boosts immunity, creates antioxidants and sometimes bring emotional balance too.

    Recent studies have benchmarked, people which involved in athletics in early phases of life tends to incur less health complications.

    This silicon age demands people to be more competitive intellectually than physically, playing computer games develop intellect in several significant dimensions, thanks to ever evolving computer games eco system. Modern computer games augment cognitive abilities in children, raises concentration and boosts neuro-reflex systems. Academicians quotes Children exposed to computer games perform significantly better, leading to achieve more accomplishments.

    To sum up, even though there are several benefits of outdoor sports in Children development conventionally, I hold up playing computer games will help prepare Children for upcoming times in a far better way.

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