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  • Neha

    July 6, 2021 at 11:41 PM

    Outdoor activities have been exceptionally helpful in building healthy milestones in a child’s life than what playing computers could have. I strongly reckon that not being confined to room but simply exploring the outer world would prove to be a bonus in children’s mental as well as physical aspect.

    Firstly when children explore out of the four walls he or she gets mentally charged and could set up bodily growth. This could narrate that outdoor activities have most common benefits. they gain confidence, learn to differentiate what is right to one can be wrong to the other, Manual training of any game could not only assist a child to get taller but also maintain ideal weight and be less prone to the trending disease called obesity. For example when a child with his friends would plan to climb a mango tree and pick ripened fruits; they develop their cognitive mental skills and this indeed would help develop their health.

    Second of all being clingy to computer games could make oneself remain in same place for hours with little to no benefits. The little one would not learn how another same aged mate react; there are fewer chances to develop both physically and mentally. These are the ones who are prone to disease like obesity; depression etc. For instance a youngster, who was dedicated to the PUBG game, would have difficulty building social skills as he is more confined to one place and no physical interaction with another youngster.

    To conclude, being physically active has more benefits than what an artificially built in game could certainly have. Hence encourage children to play outdoor games and help in developing them both mentally and physically.

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