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  • Shoaib

    July 6, 2021 at 11:44 PM

    Nowadays, some people believe that physical activities are more beneficial for children’s development as compared to playing computer games. I strongly agree with the statement that outdoor games playing an important role in the physical growth and development of our children than playing computers games.

    Outdoor activities are very beneficial for the development and growth of our children. it has been observed that physical activities make our children physically and mentally strong as compared to those children that spend most of their time on computers games. Outdoor games make them healthy and active in their life due to which they perform very well in all other activities like education, decision making, and other extracurricular activities. Giving an example of my friend kid’s who is always stood first in his class and also, he is a very good player of food ball.

    The current era is known as the era of sophisticated technology with a very sharp growth in artificial intelligence and data management. However, with this development in IT, there are so many computer games has been invented and our younger generation especially children are spending a lot of time playing these games. This is affecting their mental health and poor performance in their routine life while giving examples of PUBG games and almost millions of users daily playing these games throughout of the world.

    In conclusion, outdoor activities are necessary for the development of our children, and they should participate in these kinds of activities on daily basis, as result, it will make them healthy and strong. Also, parents should play their role to encourage their children to more participate in outdoor activities rather than waste their time on computer gaming.

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