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  • ashwini

    July 7, 2021 at 7:10 PM

    Nowadays Pets are becoming an important member in families. Peoples opinion differ as to whether or not it is good for children to keep pets. Some suggest that raising pets can make a bond with them whereas others think it is dangerous and unhealthy to keep them.

    To begin with, Pets are very trustable and lovable. They are very protective of their owner and easily develop strong bonds of love and care for people around them. In the case of a child, a pet always looks out for them. Additionally, they adds to the overall development of children since children loves to take care of their pets by feeding and grooming them which makes children more responsible and caring. Moreover, being exposed to dogs or cats from a very young age strengthen the immune system. An Indian study, for example states that spending time with pets makes children less aggressive in nature and make them healthy overall.

    But on the other hand, pets can be dangerous to the children below 4 years as they are too young to handle them and may require elders supervision. Some people likes to keep unusual pets like snakes and lizards which may pose a serious threat to children however there are very few such cases. Additionally pets maintenance can be a tedious task for some people and negligence in vaccination may lead to serious health issues for example dog bites. Also animal rights activists does not recommend keeping pets at home in order to protect their right to live in natural habitat of their own.

    To conclude, despite several drawbacks of keeping a pet and they are beneficial in stress reduction and overall health and also protects us from any threats. Hence, I believe the advantages outweighs the disadvantages

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