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  • rahul

    July 7, 2021 at 7:15 PM

    It is often argued that the presence of pets in houses with children below the age of 15 is treacherous due to numerous reasons which include security, hygiene, and safety of kids hence completely agree with the statement that keeping animals with kids might not be the wise decision and this essay will discuss on the same viewpoint about how animal presence in the house can create muddles for parents.

    first of all, having pets is considered a wise decision because they bring security and liveliness to the house, on the other hand, they also need an equal amount of care and training which takes a certain amount of effort and for a house with teenagers or below of that age might result in chaos as parenting might take a toll on it.

    for example, it was found in a study that children below the age of 15 are more susceptible to many diseases because of a vulnerable immune system however, it is also a known fact that many animals contain hazardous germs and bacterias so it becomes a risky amalgamation on health point of view.

    secondly, keeping a pet requires the same or more amount of effort when compared to parenting for kids as the pets also need training and care.

    In this modern society with working parents leaving kids with pets will be dangerous no matter how much we isolate them.

    for example, recently it was all over the news how a dog broke the leg of a toddler though it was intentional or not that was a separate debate however it was always expected as the child does not know the risk attached to playing with pets.

    in conclusion, keeping pets is not harmful considering it is not an arena with kids and as we discussed the efforts gets divided for a parent when both of them comes under the same roof hence it does not just open up the door for many infectious diseases but also increases probability many risky injuries.

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