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  • Haritha

    July 7, 2021 at 7:27 PM

    Pet parenting is common these days. We can able to see a pet like a cat or a dog in most of the houses. While some individuals believe that pets have a positive impact on their adolescents. Others argue that is unhealthy and spread diseases. This essay will look into both points of view with some instances and agree with the point of having a pet is beneficial for younger ones.

    To begin with, the primary reason for individuals to consider animals as a threat to there is their aggressive behavior towards children. While having a pet for the first time children below 5 years may not know how to deal with the animal, They may chew the ears and beat them as a result animal may become wild. However, leaving children with pets without parent supervision is always dangerous. To avoid these kinds of situations parents should be attentive and guide their adolescents in the beginning and should be careful in terms of medications and food so that can avoid diseases.

    On the other hand, Pets are friendly, innocent, loyal moreover we can have faith in them. We can find all these similar qualities in the children as well so that they both connect to each other within no time. Growing with pets will boost the immune system of children they can be kind from the beginning and friendly towards people as well. For instance, reported that children below one year who grew up with dogs and cats have a healthy immune system and had no allergy issues or asthma, even though their family has the history of allergies and asthma.

    In conclusion, owning a pet has a few negative impacts on children. However, those are avoidable by taking small measures. I think there are huge benefits to growing children with pets. Definitely gives a good positive vibe to the entire family.

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