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  • Shyam

    July 7, 2021 at 9:33 PM

    In recent times, pet ownership has become common, many children fond of spending time with their pet dogs and cats. Pet related injuries have heated debates whether it is healthy or not, as it may spread dangerous virus. In this essay I will explain both points with ideas that having a pet is beneficial or not.

    On one hand, having a domestic pet like dog, cat, rabbit, fish, cow and horse is beneficial for children, they usually care for their furry friends in many ways like grooming, feeding, therapies in case of illness even taking them to a walk. With all these young children learn about responsibilities for other animals and people as well by the time children become impartial and overwhelmed. It is found that those children are spending time with pet are delighted and magnanimous. Few studies show infect children living with pets have more immunity as compared to others.

    On the other hand, some children have toxic pets as – snake, spider and monkey, which itself is dangerous for them, they can hurt, sometimes they can kill them, in some cases little children can bit their pet, by this pet can hurt them. This causes a pet to become angry and attack young ones. Additionally, household pets may spread diseases like allergies and food poisoning because they carry dirt which contains various bacteria, pathogens and virus. However, a little bit of parental supervision is more than enough to take care of these problems. But it’s probability is very less so that it can be ignored, if domestic pets are not vaccinated from the virus which is in their mouth, the virus is mixture of cancer, other viruses and etc.

    In conclusion, pets have more positive and less negative impact on children, they become mentally and physically strong, I am assuming if some law for toxic pets imposed by government can help.

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