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  • priya

    July 8, 2021 at 7:45 AM

    The Picture illustrates how electric power is produced from a structure constructed near the sea wall, where the energy from the sea tides is converted into electrical energy.

    Overall, two main stages are involved in the power generation where the air, which was accelerated by the tidal waves, plays a key role in the power plant.

    The power plant consists of a chamber built on the sea bed. From the chamber, a narrow column is raised on the cliff or the on the sea wall with an opening in the top for free air flow. The turbine, which is being rotated by the air is mounted inside the column.

    During the high ocean wave, the tide enters the chamber, thereby pushing massive amount of air into the column in upward direction. The pressure of incoming air rotates the turbine in a particular direction. When the wave resides and moves out of the chamber, the air move in the opposite direction towards the sea, still moving the turbine in the same direction. The energy which is created by turbine rotation is in turn converted into electricity for powering equipment.

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