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  • Ayesha

    July 8, 2021 at 6:05 PM

    Many believe that keeping pet animals at home is beneficial for kids but there are certain people who don’t believe this considering it threatening and unhygienic for growing children. I agree with having pets, it has more pros than cons for kids, depending on the type of the pet and how the owner keeps them. This essay will cover on how keeping pets is good for children, also why it can be dangerous and unhealthy.

    In general, it is believed that keeping pets has many psychological benefits besides physical. For kids in particular, keeping pets in fact improves their immunity. In case of pets like dogs, kids are safe if the dog protects them. A trained dog knows who and what could be dangerous for kids. It can save them from kidnapers, someone who strikes on them, from other harmful animals too. Pets can make sure of the safety with the help of the sixed sense they have. For example, there was an incident where a kidnaper entered an unlocked house from the backyard, reached the kid playing in the hall, while the mother was in the bathroom oblivion of what was going on. Their dog, a German Shepard, managed to bite the kidnaper’s legs, make him incapacitated and save the kid.

    On the contrary, pet animals can also be vicious given the circumstances of extreme hunger, hot weather, diseased, threatened etc. They can be unhealthy too, if not properly groomed and maintained for a long time. Although all these situations can be averted by the owner itself and in order to do that taking proper care of the pet, feed them properly, in addition to keeping them vaccinated and taking certain other measures is proven to be effective. For example a pet that is never loved becomes aggressive gradually. A hungry cat may attack on people around it, a rabbit can bite on if felt threatened, even a baby horse’s kick can hit the kids really hard which sums up to be dangerous for kids.

    SO the conclusion comes out to be in agreement with keeping pets is beneficial for children, meanwhile what needs to be taken care of is what kind pets is around the kids and how the pet itself feels around the kids and the owner. It is recommended to adopt or buy a pet according to the needs and the ability to grow them as parents.

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