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  • Sakshi

    July 9, 2021 at 9:50 PM

    In this modern era, different types of commercials play an important role in marketing. Many people believe that advertisement encourages us to buy unnecessary things while others think that advertising new products helps us in making our life easy. In this essay I would like to discuss both the aspect of the advertisements in our day to day life and give conclusion.

    To begin with, companies generally propagate only its the brighter side, thus providing an incomplete picture of the product. When only positive aspects are known, there is an inclination to buy that product ; thus, we end up purchasing something which is not required. One such example is herbal products and weight loss supplements. The use of herbal products to reduce weight has seen significant increase in the recent years, whereas health experts are of the opinion that weight can only be controlled through proper diet and exercise. Moreover, many a times, advertising is very useful tool for introducing new products. For instance, cellphone manufacturers cater information about their new products with unique features and knowing the information, consumers decide which products suit best for their need.

    Secondly, many people would blindly believe the products and its benefits as advertised. For example, many people buy all sorts of cosmetic creams, face scrub, hair oil and shampoos. Even without doing a proper study about the products ingredients and reviews. This is primarily because of the attitude as well as the mind set to get rid of pimples and hair fall and belief in the advertisement .Furthermore, normally in advertising, manufactures focus the best feature of their product which influences other manufactures to have better product in order to compete. In that case, competitors tend to offer a quality product in a comparatively reasonable price. Thus, consumers can get the best product with a cheaper price which ultimately develops their overall lifestyle.

    To wrap up, advertising has both positive and negative sides as every other thing has. So, it is the responsibility of the consumers not to be induced by the attractive ads and they should be sensible while taking buying decision that which one is appropriate for them and which one is not.

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