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  • Suraj

    July 9, 2021 at 11:30 PM

    People often argue over whether advertisements entice them to buy unnecessary products or introduce them to useful new tools which bring ease to their lives. I believe adverts mostly lure us into purchasing random useless goods, though in rare occasions giving us a useful surprise. The following paragraphs will discuss how and why people are conveniently enticed.

    Firstly, production market is more focused on quantity rather than quality. From small scale companies to multi national conglomerates, with their insatiable greed want consumers to buy as many products and services from them as possible, and therefore invest on attracting liable audience into buying purposeless things. For instance, two years ago, people felt like having a face unlock feature in their phone was a necessity as a result of the massive scale in which the feature was advertised. Perfectly functioning old phones were discarded for a feature which failed to work half the times and was obviously not anymore convenient than it’s past counterparts.

    Secondly, advertisements have become increasingly intelligent and use likes and interests of a person to con him/her into buying things not based on requirement but by relating the product to their likes. To illustrate, Dhoni who is a famous cricketer is shown using a headphone which is obviously unrelated to his sport, but these kind of advertisements encourage people to buy merchandise just because they like the the sportsman.

    To sum up, people often end up buying some things which are of no use to them after watching advertisements. I suggest all the readers to not act on an impulse and give a proper thought before any purchase.

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