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  • priya

    July 11, 2021 at 4:08 PM

    Human connection plays an imperative part in one’s well-being. Few debate that people nowadays are very social with one another because of the networks created by technology. Though I recognise the influence and dependency created by technology, I can’t accept this statement completely. In this essay we will see how being social like the old way has more added benefits than the one offered by modern technology.

    One can agree that Computer, Internet, Mobile phones and social networks have made our life easier in unthinkable ways but they have also complicated our lives. Particularly, the social skill of next generation is affected because of over exposure to these devices. People nowadays are spending more time in social media than with their parents and friends. Social gatherings were replaced by meeting apps while family reunions were substituted by family mobile chat groups. Result in living a sedentary, unhealthy life style leading to depressions, anxiety disorders and suicidal thoughts.

    Social skills are so important that should be nurtured in the children by encouraging them to participate in outdoor activities instead of playing online video games. Study shows that children engaging outdoors sports have performed well in their academics. Similarly, people spending quality time with their family and friends, have demonstrated increased productivity in their work life and agreed that they are happier and healthier. However, all these offering by physical social life can’t be replaced by the virtual world created by technology.

    To summarise, though services offered by technologies are irreplaceable, basic social skills like communication, conflict resolution and listening skills can’t be developed only though them. Going out and meeting people is the best way to learn and practice such skills.

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