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  • Sanjay

    July 12, 2021 at 6:41 PM

    In 21st century the daily life of man is heavily dependent upon technology and Internet. Just like the industrial revolution of 18th century Internet boom of 21st century has changed the world top to bottom. So do Internet or technology has made man more social? Before answering that we have to understand what does being social actually means.

    Socialising means the way man interacts with the primary elements of society (which is people ). In our modern society these interactions can be of 2 types through digital platforms and by direct verbal or physical interaction.

    So when we look back in time before internet and social media platforms; we used to interact with a few people relatively but there was more communication and contact with them. In old days it was almost impossible to find a childhood friend or crush we had ,it was uncommon to fall in love with a person living in another country , to be lectured by world class intellectuals in a rural area was just a dream. Today all these things are quite common and possibilities of Internet is indescribable.

    So what has changed in time? The direct interaction with the people near to us has reduced enormously ,We become people with thousands of online friends but not even one in real life. Many of us drifted to sedentary lackadaisical life.

    Thus in conclusion technology has made a man a global citizen and more social albeit just like everything else in the world we paid the toll for that in the form of significantly reduced face to face interaction and human connection.

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