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  • Prathima

    July 12, 2021 at 8:45 PM

    Technological advancements have helped in creating easy connectivity across the globe. There is an opinion among a few that this development has made individuals more social. I partially disagree to this viewpoint, because can also also lead to many mental health issues and reduced face-to-face interactions; even though it helps to contact any person in the world instantly.

    To begin with, ease of networking with use of modern amenities like social media platforms via the internet has undoubtedly brought people closer in spite of the physical distance among them. Particularly, it is a boon to many people staying far away from families or overseas as they are able to stay in touch with them regularly and even see them through video calls. It has also helped people in maintaining social connections especially considering the current pandemic situation. Many platforms like twitter, facebook, instagram have helped people to find their long-lost friends or distant family members which would otherwise have been impossible.

    However, the increased dependence on these new age technologies is affecting many persons, mostly the youth negatively by causing mental health disorders like anxiety, depression and reduced interpersonal communications. The dependence and validity they seek in the virtual world can be addictive, as a consequence of which young generation may develop behavioral disorders which are already being witnessed. Also, the fun and energy gained by meeting with loved ones directly can never be compared to interacting with them online.

    In conclusion, although the latest innovations are a gift to mankind, which helps to bring people together socially, unchecked use of these can have deleterious effects on the society.

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