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  • Haritha

    July 13, 2021 at 4:11 AM

    Technology is a digital resource, which makes men develop communication skills. Few individuals strongly on this point and I completely agree with this. This essay will look into the positive aspects with suitable instances.

    To begin with, Social networking sites are paramount on the internet. Moreover, these are very useful and helps people to communicate in a distant way. Mankind can socialize with each other from different cities or even different countries. They can spend hours on phone. It can be made people communicate no matter under any circumstances. Although there are multiple social networking sites that are in trend. One can find their old friends and can make new friends without any hesitation. For instance, This will helps to boost self-esteem for the individuals who are feeling low to communicate with others directly. It usually aids people to mitigate their insecurity and anxiety.

    on the one hand, people are dependent on their smartphones and they do not even start their day without opening their networks. This addiction usually causes dire consequences for mental illness because it is very tiring and people become procrastinators. This addiction will lead to anxiety, stress, depression. Furthermore, men do not face human beings always prefer to be on phone. If one should use the internet with certain limits and control on it definitely overcome all these problems.

    In conclusion, Social networking sites are most popular to improve profiles and aids to overcome fear in making contact. However, this all should happen when men reign technology.

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