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  • shakshi

    July 13, 2021 at 4:16 PM

    Advertisement is an ongoing promotional strategy adopted by companies to entice customers for procuring products and services.There is a revolution in the advertisement campaigns wherein, people are attracted toward the charismatic products which they don’t demand off. Although, non-profit advertisement such as launching a new product, awareness campaign enhanced our standard of living.

    Nowadays, the huge demand for advertisement is on a digital platform (Youtube, Facebook, Google, Instragram). For example, Soft drinks like Pepsi, Coca Cola, and RedBull every year project a campaign that manipulates the perception about a drink, hence create a utility to purchase the unwanted commodity. Now due to artificial intelligent, companies are using the conventional approach of selling their product on the digital platform. For example, I browse a laptop randomly on google, after few days company display a different variety of laptop that I would interesting in purchasing. This scenario will create unnecessary demand in my mind for purchasing a laptop.

    In addition, the advertising agencies are evaluated based on the unwanted demand created in the market. For example, Zomato the largest food ordering online app that has evolved the Indian market of food with his tagline ” Don’t worry about tasty food when Zomato is here” this has impacted people psychology for ordering food if still not hungry.

    In conclusion, I believed advertisement is good to create awareness among people but on the other hand, it can create a undesired demand in the society.

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