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  • Shazia

    July 13, 2021 at 5:34 PM

    Few people argue that modern technology has enhanced and improved peoples social lives. I strongly believe that people are advent to modern technology and connecting freely and easily with no geographical barriers. This essay will explain several benefits offered by modern technology. However social media has it’s own positive and negative effects unless it is used in a proper way .

    On the one hand technology and social media has connected people globally . Use of various social networking sites such as Facebook , WhatsApp messaging ,video calling has provided way to converse with people from distant locations all over the world . Meanwhile technology has made humans more social. For instance, the ongoing global pandemic of corona virus disease , this out break has affected different people in many ways. Ever since the lockdown started everyone got isolated . although people are spending quality time together with their family members, in light of sophisticated modern technology many adapted to work online, children were doing home schooling .Furthermore online meetings by businessmen using zoom and Ms teams are being held , and ordering the needful through online stores , e shopping , and many more .

    On the other hand, people think that because of social media our way of life has changed. The invention of such technology has effected the youngsters more by its addictive nature, where they spend their quality time on social media and are isolated from the society . The ferocity of the modern technology can negatively impact the moral development of a youngster , for instance crime level has increased over the decades .

    To conclude although modern technology has some negative effects but I believe that the benefits associated with it are immense.

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