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  • shubham

    July 14, 2021 at 9:46 PM

    The pie charts provide information about the major branches of study pursued by the Canadians after the school in the age groups of 25-35 and 45- 55.

    Overall,In both the age groups(25-35 and 45-55) most of the people showed their interest in pursuing social science after passing out from the school.However,In the age group of 25-35,Humanities was the least preferred choice by the candidates.Moreover,In the age group of 45-55,MBA was the least common choice by the candidates.Also,majority of the degree holders were in the age group of 25-35.

    In the age group of 25-35,most of the people preferred to pursue their studies in social science as 20% of the candidates opted for this stream.Furthermore,Administration and Science,Maths and computers remained the second best choice of the candidates as 19% and 18% of the candidates opted for it.Moreover,Education,Engineering,Humanities,Nursing and MBA were the least preferred streams by the candidates as these streams together contributed to only 40%.

    In the age group of 45-55,most of the candidates opted for social science as 21% of the people pursued their degree in this stream.Engineering was the second best choice of the candidates as 19% of the people opted for this stream.Rest of the streams were less preferred by the candidates as together they contributed to only 39% of the overall figures.

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