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  • Amit

    July 15, 2021 at 12:05 AM

    Advertising encourages us to but new things that we really do not need. Other say that advertisement tell about new product that improves our lives

    Advertisement is a greatest tool of conveying massage, information, awareness and so on. It is dynamic and having various mode of telecast for example, It can be reached to the large audience, a specific groups of people, at certain time through various channel like Radio, Print media, social media, massages ,E-mail, outdoor media.

    It has been proven a most powerful source in today’s era hence many companies are spending huge amount of their budget on advertisement activities for instance Pepsi, Unilever to grab the market share or to boost the festival sales and make sure that customer always stay connected.

    Furthermore, Government also using to a great extend to spread the awareness. Now a days we can see a vaccine drive related many ads on television or social media which is critical requirement to educate human about the benefits and also assist how to register for it.

    However, Advertisement has a negative side as well. Many time public has face issue of getting trap in fictitious advertisement or promotion scheme and sometime it misleads to audience by appealing product or service which is not essential to survive but public end up with procuring it.

    We get irritate and sometime anxious when we show some ads constantly on screen and especially when we are watching something interestingly online then it destruct over mind therefore, many of us would prefer to pay for Ads free subscription.

    So as covered different views of Advertisements its difficult to conclude here, although, my thought says that its benefits outweigh the negative. It can be more effective and wrathful if government would come up to policy or amendment which serve purpose for both.

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