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  • shakshi

    July 15, 2021 at 7:03 PM

    Nowadays, Children are habitual of using computers for a long duration since their childhood. However, “According to the Children Welfare Society “spending long hours on computers will make them introvert individuals and also give them an unhealthy lifestyle. I will provide my views on the advantages and disadvantages of children using technology with a logical conclusion.

    The first advantage is the ongoing demand of the IT Industry, Parents are engaging the teenagers to learn coding at an early age of their life. US is the big example to evidence this statement, leaders like “Steve Job” and “Bill Gate” who starting coding at the age of 5 and motivate teenagers to bring innovation in IT Industry. The benefit of using computers will help them to understand the new trends and opportunities and can uplift their career.

    On the other hand, spending long hours on screen has harmed teenager’s health. For example, as per the Ministry of Health, India children are suffering from obesity, anxiety, and backache problems (between the age group 7 to 19 years) due to spending a long time on screen. It has been also observed teenagers waste their time on the internet by chatting on a social platform, watching videos, shopping that mislead them to attain their objectives.

    In conclusion, using computers is good for children as it enhances their skill and knowledge but subsequently, can impact their health, if used excessively. As a result, health ministries globally implementing new fitness policies to overcome our billionaires from the unwanted trap of technology.

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