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  • hardeep

    July 15, 2021 at 7:10 PM

    Nowadays children are made to invest long hours in learning computers in their tender age, which is both beneficial as well as harmful for them. This essay will compare both sides of the opinion and provide a logical conclusion.

    The biggest disadvantage of doing this is that they are loosing out on their physical development because early age is most critical for all body developmental activities and in order to have good growth they need to play outdoor activities instead of sitting in front of computer screen for mush of their time which is especially harmful for their eyes.

    Second major demerit is behavioral, because they are spending most of the time on computers, they tend to interact less with others and end up becoming more arrogant and short tempered. They ted to avoid persons who lack computer knowledge such as grandparents. On the other hand if they had invested more time in conversing or playing with others they would have developed joyful nature and even made friends.

    Parents wants their children learn computers as early as possible because everything which is happening in today’s world involves computers and it will be better for them to get used to things at the earliest. Technology is also changing at a very fast pace, whatever is happening today becomes outdated within couple of years, by making children learn computers early parents are making sure that their child remain conversant with latest technology because future belongs to computers. Children at the age of five years have started doing coding and making applications.

    In conclusion, in would say that that although computers are must earn for children as they are driving the world today but it is more important to focus on their physical as well as behavioral development early in their life because this critical time will never come back in their life and also because its never too late to learn computers.

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