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  • rahul

    July 15, 2021 at 7:11 PM

    In recent times the computer has revolutionized the education system and thereby it becomes mandatory for children to be exposed to it at an early age for a faster learning curve though excessive use of it can give birth to certain disadvantages too. This essay will put light on the advantages and disadvantages caused by laptop/computer usage in children’s life.

    The two main advantages of early age computer exposure to children will be exposing their brain to modern day technology and accelerate their learning curve by online education.Firstly, children’s brains are most agile during the early age to new thing hence manifesting computer usage growing up will be more facile when compared to an adult thereby keeps the children updated with modern-day technology. Secondly, now computer it’s the most common gateway to explore to learn things more practically by video\audio lectures hence provides a better dimension to learning curve .

    Like every other invention, it also comes with a couple of disadvantages such as rise to introverted behavior due to addiction caused by games and certain health issues due to heavy screen usage.If the usage in not done in a controlled fashion then child can be cut-off from social world which leads to an isolated brain with insignificant social skills whereas it also adds to health issues such as myopia caused in eye if not used from proper distance .However , if the usage is monitored by adults and the exposure is done in a controlled fashion then It can really add up to a faster brain development.

    To conclude, although usage of computer comes with serious disadvantages on physical health as well as social skills nevertheless can be suppressed by slight micromanagement and controlling the screen time thus adds a different dimension to learning at an early age hence I believe that disadvantages can be suppressed by some effort and can create more meaningful childhood

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