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  • Ayesha

    July 15, 2021 at 7:27 PM

    Usage of computers for hours and hours, that too from the initial years for growth, by the kids sounds like a health damaging scenario altogether. It will have consequences in plenty of ways in the lives of children. This essay will point out mainly to the disadvantages of using computers from early age and for long hours, mentioning the advantages as well.

    To begin with the advantages, children from the early age spending hours on computers will grasp information at a higher rate as they have developing minds, will get to learn time management besides being technologically more advanced. Though kids have sensitive minds they have an excellent power to attain what is being taught to them. Being very observant they imbibe things around them, getting any information and knowledge from computers due to spending hours will be advantageous. If the computer will consume so much of their hours, they will need to learn on how to bring balance between other aspects of life, how to complete the rest of the daily routine, how to socialize, play and do other activities. Hence doing all this as kids will make them more adaptive and mature.

    Undoubtedly, putting in long hours sitting and doing literally anything is harmful for the body let alone using computers during these hours. Kids would start to have health issues like neck pain, vision weakening, digestive problems, addiction, social anxiety, low immunity etc. They will not be able to enjoy the actual world and a normal life. It’ll make them stay away from the nature. Taking an example of a kid who spent more than 10 hours on computers daily, firstly for studying then for playing games and entertainment, had difficulties behaving normally in person, starting considering real life as in the game. He got addicted and required medical help.

    So in conclusion to all the above mentioned statements, though using computer in this modern world has benefit of its own but for kids to spends long hours from the very initial days of their lives will have more drastic effects than anything.

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