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  • Shazia

    July 15, 2021 at 7:58 PM

    Children now a days are using computers from young age, but spending long hours definitely have a negative impact on them.

    This essay will look into both advantages and disadvantages in using computers at an early age. Since the advent of computers, we are becoming more dependant on technology. The main advantage of using computer is it makes our lives easier in numerous ways.

    Firstly, the advantages of using computer is it has made learning process easier for children. For instance the outbreak of the corona pandemic has forced all the children for home schooling. young children can learn reading skills through images and videos.

    The other advantage is they will learn other skills such as painting, on line story readings . Furthermore it makes children easy for the future use of computers.

    Secondly , the disadvantage of spending long hours on computers makes children addictive and it negatively impacts the overall development of youngsters . The children are becoming ferocious .

    Children sitting for long hours can damage their eyes .They can easily get addicted to computer games which may leads to distraction from their studies .

    To conclude , computers are good for children to start using from an early age but it should be done in adults supervision and for limited time.

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